The story behind the Nateavia

Tea is not only about variety and flavor, but also about culture. Because many supposedly Japanese teas in the market are not produced in the extraordinary Land of the Rising Sun, enjoying an authentic, first-flush, Japanese fresh tea is 'out of reach' for many of us.

In 2017, driven by a spirit of sharing, two Canadian tea lovers decided to make their foray into the market. Nateavia for “a way to natural tea” was founded to make authentic Japanese tea accessible to everyone and everywhere. Based in the “La belle province” of Quebec, Nateavia is a Canadian tea company with “Yamato-damashii 大和魂” values that will meet any challenge.

At Nateavia, we are committed to making authentic Japanese green tea available everywhere for everyone. Having you on board is our only meaning of success.

Nateavia is a Lotophage Inc. trademark.

  • 2021

    it is not only about the bag. it is also about the natural side our the story

  • 2020

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  • 2019

    Reality wins

  • 2018

    When a dream becomes a is no longer the same.

  • 2017

    First design

  • 2017

    preparation info are still up-to-date!

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